Bake Sale To Do List Printables

printable to do listI said I wanted to do something with the whisk clipart that I made, so here are some cute printable to do lists. You can use them as grocery shopping lists or as bake sale to do lists to keep track of items sold or donations during your next event. I’ve made the lists in three colors in size 4×6. These could also make cute recipe cards. Print and enjoy these lists!

Choose your color and view the PDF:

To Do List in Blue
To Do List in Orange
To Do List in Pink

Free Whisk Clipart

Free whisk clipart in 3 colors to use for your next bake sale! I want to incorporate this into my next design. Click on each image to view and save the transparent PNG at full size.


Bake Sale Flyers in Microsoft Word Format

In order that some of the bake sale flyers on this website could be more easily customized and personalized for your event, I’ve converted the image files to Microsoft Office Word flyer templates that you can use to easily insert your own text and information into text boxes in the word processing program.

Below is a preview image of the flyer and a link next to it to download the Word document file from this website. All of the files are .doc file type and should be compatible with Microsoft Office Word version 2000 and above. I hope this makes the flyers on this site more useful! I’ve also provided links to the original post where you can download the flyers as image flyer to customize in a photo editing program if you prefer that method.

Download the Microsoft Word Flyer Documents:

(Microsoft Word is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and this website has no association with Microsoft)

bake sale flyer


Pink Cake Bake Sale Flyer

View the original post here.





cupcake flyer



Cupcake Flyer Document

View the original post here.





cookie flyer



Cookie Flyer Document

View the original post here.





pink template



Download the Pink Flyer

View the original post here.





retro flyer



Download document file for retro flyer

View the original post here.

Free Printable Labels for Bake Sale Goodies

free bake sale food labelsDo you want to create cute labels for all the goodies that you are selling at your bake sale? You can use these free labels to describe your items, list the charity and contact information that the fundraiser is supporting so people buying items can learn more information later right on their food! You just use them as simple price stickers. The labels are made to print out on a standard sheet of paper and will create 8 labels measuring 3.5×2.5 inches so they are nice and large to write or type on.

Download the Free Printable Label Template

If you like these labels and want a matching flyer template or hanging banner check out:

flyer and banner

Free Bake Sale Flyer Template

bake sale flyer templateA pretty free bake sale flyer template that I’ve designed with an image of a decorated cake on a pedestal cake stand.

Download the blank Flyer Template
Dimensions: 2550 × 3300 to fit letter sized paper.

If you don’t need a flyer, but would like to use the cake graphic, you can also download that here: Free Cake Clipart

Share our Strength Great American Bake Sale

If you haven’t already heard about this organization, I’d just like to take a minute to raise awareness of this great way to help children struggling with hunger in your area!

Check out Share Out Strength Great American Bake Sale to search for upcoming bake sales near your home or sign up to host an event.

April 20-22 weekend is the third annual national challenge week, participate by visiting a local sale and buying something or join as a contributor and make 2012 the best season yet!

You can also find a variety of free resources including flyers, to help make your fundraiser a success!

Easy Bake Sale Recipes

smores bitesAn easy bake sale recipe item that I made this week are called S’mores bites.

There is no baking involved and the whole process only took about 15 minutes.

The recipe is simple.


Ingredients: Graham Cracker Crumbs, Marshmallows, Chocolate


I bought already made crumbs to make it easier, but you can crush graham crackers if you already have them in the house.

graham cracker crumbsLay your crumbs and chocolate out on plates that you will use for dipping.

chocolate chipsJust take any kind of chocolate, I used Hershey milk chocolate baking pieces and melted them in the microwave on a plate so it would make it easier to dip my marshmallows in.

chocolate coveredThen roll your marshmallow in the chocolate. You can cover all of it if you use a skewer, or just the sides. I decided to do three sides and leave the bottom open (so you can see that there is a marshmallow inside).

smores-biteThen after your marshmallow is coated in chocolate get ride of any excess and roll it again in the graham cracker crumbs. This reminded me of breading something in breadcrumbs. Then you can place your smores on wax paper to dry. They can stay at room temperature. But once they are dry (about 30 minutes to an hour) definitely put them under some plastic wrap so the marshmallows do not harden or dry out. You can package them in plastic baggies or I put all mine in one large zip lock bag. This will make the amount of marshmallows that you have in your bag (I counted between 40-50).

Total cost to make the bite sized S’mores:

  • Graham Cracker Crumbs $2.50
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Pieces $2.79
  • Marshmallows $1.25

Total Cost is $6.54

If you used the extra large jumbo marshmallows, I feel you can easily get away with selling these individually for $1.00, especially if you  put them on skewers to look more reminiscent of the camp fire experience. Regular sized marshmellows I would group them in sets of 2 or 3, or just ask around $0.50 cents each.They are around the size of a cake pop.They don’t have that gooey melting experience that you have with regular s’mores, but the taste is nice, the graham crackers give them a nice crunch to balance out the softness of the marshmallow center. These would be even better with homemade marshmallows, if you feel like going to the trouble of making them. You could also top them with toasted coconut and chocolate for a different variety.

The reviews I had from eaters was positive and some came back for more. I easily sold my entire batch.

Pink Bake Sale Flyer

pink bake sale flyer templateThe color pink and bake sales go together like peanut butter & jelly.

Whenever I think of baked goods, I always picture pink, pink boxes, pink foods, pink icing… in my mind the color is unavoidable and tends to creep into my designs here too.

I had the opportunity of baking these pink lemonade cupcakes this week which were the muse for the entire design. I’ve added the photo of the cupcakes together with some graphics to create this pink retro styled cupcake bake sale flyer.

You don’t have to have a pink themed event to use the flyer. The image shows how the flyer looks with some text added. You can save the background image as a blank template for you to use to fill in your own information like most of the flyers on this site.

cupcake flyerClick on the above image to open and save the image to use as a background for your flyer.

The fonts I used in the example are: Futura Lt / Futura Hv / Angelina. The text in the banner on the file to download say the words: “bake sale”.