Bake Sale Table Tent Cards

holiday bake sale table tent cards

Just in time for Christmas bake sale season, I’ve created these free printable table tent cards that you can use to label what items you have for sale or list the prices for goodies. You can fold these cards in half and they will stand up in front of your items and it’s a great way to decorate your table, plus provide details about your food. Print them out on card stock, cut out each rectangle and then fold in the center. You can write the name of your items, prices or any other info on the circle in the center of the design. Red stripes and a green banner decorate these giving them a festive holiday charm. These could also be stapled to the top of a baggie full of goodies such as Christmas cookies and used as a label that way too.

If you’ve found your way here and you are not hosting a bake sale, but just want to use these to decorate your place settings at your holiday dinner table, feel free to use them as escort cards, name seating place-cards or table number cards too!

View the Print File – 4 designs per sheet.

More Microsoft Word Templates

More free bake sale flyers converted to Microsoft Word Format for easy editing and adding of your own custom text and event details. These flyers can also be downloaded as PDF or large JPG image files on their original posts which are also linked below. Click on the text next to the image for the Word document file.

Microsoft Word Flyer Templates:

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christmas cookie sale



Cookie Sale Document

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cupcake bake sale flyer



Cupcake Bake Sale Flyer Template

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bake sale flyer image


Word Document Template

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Bake Sale Poster Inspired by Bakery Story

bake sale poster

If you can’t already tell from this website, I love baking and participating in bake sales when I have the opportunity.  I was looking for a new game to pass the time on my phone, and I decided to try the free app game bakery story which is a simulation game where you run your own bakery. I am totally hooked, I’ve only been playing a few days, but I’m almost at level 20 and I’ve been cooking brownies like a crazy person. Playing is also making me really hungry!

The game gave me a cute idea for a “Bake Sale” poster design. So I made a printable subway art sign similar to the design in the game.

baker story bake sale sign

You can purchase this item in the game as wall art to decorate your store, and I decided to make my own version inspired by the game that could be printed and framed for your home kitchen, or used in a real bakery or as decoration at your next fundraiser.

Just open the PDF and print out as many copies as you need!

bake sale poster printable

Printable Bake Sale Poster

Poster Dimensions: 8×10 inches

Or if you like the cupcake graphic that I’ve design for the poster, you can also use that too as free cupcake clipart. You can click to open and save it as a transparent PNG file type:

free cupcake clipart

Image Size: 1213 × 1213 pixels


Black and White Chevron Bake Sale Sign

black and white bake sale sign

This free printable black and white bake sale sign has a gray chevron pattern background and a fun font face. You can use this to decorate your stand and print multiple copies on a b&w printer and it won’t cost very much. If you want to use this sign to promote your fundraiser, you could always write your details on the bottom too, there is plenty of room.

Print out the free flyer or save the file for later: PDF

Recipe Card Template

free recipe card template

When holding any event where food will be sold, there is always the concern of food allergies. An idea I had recently to combat this and also raise more money at a bake sale was to have the bakers include recipes with the items that they baked. Then if patrons are interested in buying the recipes, they can, as well as the homemade food item. Selling recipes can be a very lucrative business, look at all the millions or possible billions of cook books for sale every day!

Another great idea would be to find a local bakery willing to donate the recipe of one of their bakery items, then you could promote your event jointly with them advertising not only the baked goods that they were donating to the event, but that interested parties could also purchase their “secret” recipe. The fact is that many people will give willingly to purchase the recipe, but few are actually ever going to make it themselves. It won’t hurt a bakery to donate and can actually be a great marketing strategy. Such as you see on many shows on the Food Network where a restaurant will prepare a dish showing viewers how to do it, this doesn’t hurt sales because few are going to go to the trouble of making something that they can buy cooked for them.

recipe card design

I’ve designed this free recipe card template in Microsoft Word to make it easy to sell your custom recipes. You can complete all the text fields in the word processing program and save and print as many copies as you need on 4×6 index cards. Even if you decide not to sell recipe cards at your event, having the ingredient list available will be beneficial to those who have peanut, wheat, milk, soy, eggs or other sensitivities.


free recipe cards

Download the free recipe card template.


Cupcake Flag Template

free cupcake flags

During my last event, I decided to make some lemon poppy seed muffins and cinnamon muffins to sell. To keep everything fresh during the two day bake sale, I wrapped up my muffins in plastic wrap and decided to decorate them with some cute cupcake flag, which also served to label what the item was and show the price.

cupcake flags

I made up a free template in Microsoft Word to share so that others can use them to make these for your own fundraiser or charity sale. My flags were a little too long, so I fixed that and also made them so the flag could be wrapped in half and taped or glued.

bake sale price flags

The flags are in 4 coordinating colors including blue, pink, yellow and orange and they look great on muffins, they could be inserted right into the tops of cupcakes using a toothpick, or I even used them to label some brownies by laying them on top the long way.

Download the Template Document

The Microsoft Word file will create eight flags per page and text and colors can be changed and customized to suit your needs.

Bake Sale Order Form

bake sale tip

Instead of baking a bunch of goodies and holding a bake sale event, think about pre-selling your items via a flyer with attached order form. The benefit of selling your items this way is that you aren’t limited to one specific day and window of time to hold your event. People don’t always carry cash and you don’t want to miss out on sales because someone can’t pay for your items right there and then. Another good thing is that you will also know exactly how much you need to bake to fill the orders that you receive. A great way to do this is to hand out flyers or post them in public locations with tear off order forms. Pick a few items to sell and let people order in advance the type and quantity of treats that they want.

A friend of mine who was raising money for a church event made three different types of cookie: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies. She then boxed them in sets of half dozen for $4 and one dozen for $6. She ended up raising over $1000! She said chocolate chip cookies were the biggest seller and she said most people choose to order the full dozen box of cookies. She got inexpensive plastic containers to package the cookies, but since presentation wasn’t a factor in the sales, you don’t have to dress up your items. Just bake high quality cookies so that everyone is happy with their purchase. If you run the sale for a few weeks and deliver your cookies once a week, you can also get multiple orders and reorders from the same people.bake sale order form

I’ve created a free bake sale order form template flyer with attached order form that you can use for this type of fundraiser. It’s in Microsoft Word document format so you can easily customize it. I have some photos of cookies on the flyer, but you can replace them with pictures of the items that you decide to sell. Don’t get overly complicated or make too many things. Sticking to one type of item like cookies, cupcakes, breads, pies or cakes and then offer a few different flavors is the way to go!

Download the Template in Microsoft Word Format

Bake Sale Flyer

purple bake sale flyer

This is the newest free bake sale flyer which has a cool retro inspired plum purple design. I really like how the black and white jump out at you and get your attention. You can use this to promote your event and customize it with your own text and information. Please note, you can edit the PDF file and print it out with your own text, but you will not be able to save a copy, so please type out your text and save it in a different file so you do not loose your wordage. You can then just drop the text into the text boxes to make the flyer. I really like the way this sign came out so I might make some corresponding printables to have a suite of matching paper promotional materials.

View the PDF in a new window to save or customize your flyer.