Free Printable Banner and Bake Sale Flyer

bake sale free printable bannerThis sweet and simple bake sale flyer features a colorful pennant flag banner illustration. To match the sign, I have also created a free printable banner that spells out the word “bake sale” that you can hang to decorate your tables or stand during the actual event.

All images are created at 300 dpi JPG, so you will need to fit the image to page when printing and make sure that the design does not get cut off in the margin of your page. After you print the four pages simply cut out the flags and attach to string at the corners to form a bunting style hanging banner. There are many different ways you can attach the flags to your rope, from staples, paperclips, clothespins, binder clips, but one of the simplest and cleanest ways is to punch two holes in either corner about one inch from the edge of your letter triangle and string through these holes behind the sign so you don’t see the string behind your pennant. Then to keep the letters in place you can also put a small piece of tape to hold your paper fast to the string and keep it in place during outdoor events.

Free Printable Banner images – click on each image to view full size and save to your computer.

Printable Banner Letters A and B

Printable Banner Letters: B and A

{ click on image to view and save }




Bake sale banner letters K E

Printable Banner Letters: K and E

{ click on image to download full size }




free printable banner letters s and a

Printable Banner Letters: S and A

{ Start of the word “sale” }




free printable banner letters L and E

Printable Banner Letters: L and E

{ click to save larger image }



You can print the banner in color or it would also look fine printed in black and white if you don’t have a color printer. Feel free to use the printable letters for other projects or to spell out other words such as, lease, easel, or bees.

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