How to Make Flyers

  1. Download one of the premade templates from this website.
  2. You can print the template out as is and write your information in the spaces provided with pen or sharpie.
  3. If you want to add text to the image with your bake sale event information, you can do so at a number of different free online photo editors. But I will show you how to use a simple text only editor.
  4. Go to the site:
  5. Next to “Upload a picture” click on the browse button and find the flyer image file that you have saved onto your computer.
  6. Click on “Upload” button
  7. You will be taken to a new page where you should see the blank template image.
  8. In the box labeled “text” type what you would like to add to the flyer. You should limit this to one line at a time because you cannot create paragraphs.
  9. Choose your font, size and color (#000000 is black), outline
  10. Click on Generate and your text will appear.
  11. If it is too large or you want to select a different font, click on the red X next to the line to delete.
  12. Continue to add text until you have all your event information
  13. Click on the download button and you will be prompted to save your file with your newly added text with bake sale information.

You can also follow the same basic steps in any photo editing program to add time, place and details to your flyers.

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