Easy Bake Sale Fundraising Idea – Candy Guessing Game

candy in a jar guessing game

Fill up a jar full of your favorite candy such as M&M’s, Hershey’s Kisses, Tootsie Rolls or any small loose candy. Count the number of candy contained in the jar and have bake sale patrons guess that magic number. This makes an easy way to collect lots of donations from all attendees.

candy in the jar cards

You can use these pre-printed candy guessing game cards from Amazon for the guesses and collect into a basket. You can count the number of candy before or after putting it in the jar and have one event organizer know the secret winning number. This functions like a prize raffle and bake sale game all in one. The prize for the correct guess is the jar of candy itself. Or you may give out a different prize to the winner if you prefer. You can ask for a $1 donation per guess or let the patron decide. Be clear about the rules, is it the closest guess without going over – Price is Right style or can the winner just be the closest to the total? You may want to have a back up prize in case of two winners, but if you put an odd amount in the container you shouldn’t have two people guess too closely.

candy guessing game cards

Glass jars like mason jars make a great container for the game because you can easily see the candy inside and you can dress up the jar for a nice looking prize. Use plastic gloves if counting candy without a paper wrapper for safe handling.

You can also use seasonal candy for holiday events such as candy corn. Or fill the jar up with very small items like beans or rice and have a real challenge guessing the number and also counting the number to figure out the winner.

If the winner will be chosen after the event is over have bake sale participants write a contact phone or email on the back of the guessing game entry so they can be contacted at a later time to collect their prize. This is an easy way for people to donate without having to buy sweet treats from the bake sale, especially if you start to run out of food toward the end of the event.

Blush Pink and Gold Glitter Bake Sale Flyer

This post shares a free blush pink & glitter gold bake sale flyer background template. I also share my tips and tricks for how to best print out your event flyers.

Free image background

blush pink and gold bake sale flyer

Download Image

Directions: Save image and open as background image in a word processor or photo editor and add a text layer in the white box area to type your event details in the space provided on the flyer.

How to print flyers

Flyer printing used to be something that was done by large scale printers in huge quantities. Printing large runs of flyers can get expensive, depending on your budget; you may opt to print your own flyers instead of having them professionally printed off site. This may have once been a big deal and a major difference in quality, but not anymore. Most of the home and small business inkjet and laser printers do a tremendous job of making high quality prints on a budget.

What type of paper should you use?

Bright high quality paper versus standard copy paper.

One thing that you can do to increase the visual appeal and make your flyer look more professional is to use a high quality paper for printing. If you check at your local office supply store you will see tons of options for bright white, heavy weight, brochure and flyer papers. There are two things to consider when purchasing specialty paper for your print project: the weight of the paper, usually noted in pounds or lb and the brightness of the paper.

If you look at typical old copy paper, the standard copy paper has a weight of 20lbs and a brightness of 92. Specialty laser paper made to be bright white has a brightness scale of 98 and the weight is 28lbs, this means that the paper will produce more vivid colors that will pop when printed and this type of paper also holds the ink better making the prints look crisp and clear with the text being sharp and easy to read. The difference in the number scale between the papers do not change that much, but if you visually inspect the papers you can usually tell the difference between the brighter paper and the standard paper.

Make your flyers have an impact
What kind of printer to use?

The paper that you choose will have more of an impact depending on the type of printer you are using. The higher quality and more dpi (dots per inch) that your printer can produce will result in greater benefit in print quality from printing on specialty papers. If you have a 20 year old dot matrix printer, you could buy $1 per sheet heavy weight linen paper and it’s not going to make a difference in your print quality. I would also only upgrade your paper choice if you are printing in color since I haven’t noticed as big of a difference with the bright papers and black and white prints.

You will want to buy the paper style that matches the type of printer you have so you will want to take note of if you have a laser or inkjet printer and buy the corresponding paper to match. Inkjet prints soak into the paper as their inks are wetting, so the paper will be specifically made to absorb the wet inks. Laser prints sit on top of the paper and coat it, giving them a smoother feeling. If you rub your finger over a laser print out you can often feel the text or images rise off of the sheet.

Glossy finishes will produce more shine – similar to a photograph.

For business uses, when you hand out presentations of flyers to prospective clients on heavy paper it will subconsciously give the impression of more weight, wealth and quality. If your paper looks thin, dingy and dull, that can reflect badly on your services.

Easy Bake Sale Recipe – No Bake Cheesecake Bites

cherry cheesecake bites

If you are looking for an easy, no bake dessert to make for your next bake sale, I recommend these Cherry Cheesecake Bites. You can make this mini cherry cheesecake bite using only 4 ingredients. This delicious recipe is super easy and quick to make and does not require any baking. Your guests will gobble up these yummy treats and ask you for the recipe. You can make these the day of the bake sale in about an hour or the night before and refrigerate overnight. These are so easy to make that you won’t have to stress over a long and time consuming dessert recipe. My family and friends always gobble up this recipe and all really love them!

Below is my step by step guide to making these “no bake” bite cookies!


Servings: 60 Cookies              Prep Time: 30-60 Minutes


  • 1 Box Nilla Wafers (or any pre-made vanilla cookie)
  • 8 OZ. Container Cool Whip (or any Whipped Cream)
  • 8 OZ. Package Cream Cheese
  • 1 Can Cherry Pie Filling (21 oz. or larger) **


  1. In a large bowl, mix entire 8 oz. package of softened cream cheese with 8 oz. container of whipped cream until smooth.
  2. Scoop a spoon full of the cream cheese mixture on top of Nilla wafer cookies
  3. Top with a single cherry from the pie filling.

Keep completed cookies refrigerated until ready to serve. Can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours before serving.

**You can also substitute Strawberry pie filling, fresh strawberries or chocolate pieces for the topping if you prefer.

Recipe Photos:

top cookies

Each Nilla Wafer gets a spoonful of cream cheese mixture. You can use a piping bag or spoon to scoop your “whipping cream cheese” mixture onto the Nilla Wafers cookies. Try to put the same amount of topping onto each cookie for a consistent look. I like to assemble the cookies in stages, so I will put this topping on until I run out of it, and then add the cherries (or fruit).

Easy Bake Sale Recipe

You only need to use the individual cherries from the pie filling. If you don’t like cherries you could also use canned strawberry pie filling, chocolate pieces, or fresh fruit like bananas slices or strawberry slices.


Spring Bake Sale Flyer Design

free spring bake sale flyer

This design for a bake sale flyer was inspired by spring. With a pretty peach and turquoise color scheme, it is a nice way to advertise for your event. Easter is coming up soon and that is the perfect time of year to host a baked goods sale. People are in the mood for chocolate and sweet treats. I would hold an event the week before Easter Sunday so people can use items during their holiday meal instead of baking themselves or getting something at the grocery store. The theme of this design is polka dots. You can edit in Word to add your own details, or use the image as a background in a photo editor and then add a text layer.

 Download the free flyer template:


Click image above to save as a JPG picture to use in a graphic editing program.

Microsoft Word Document – with background and text box to edit in word processor.

Free Printable Bake Sale Tags

free printable bake sale tags

A set of pastel color free printable bake sale tags that you can use to display prices of your goodies. These print 10 on one standard sheet of paper. They are in pretty pastel colors, pink, blue, orange, purple and green and match the cupcake flyer so they can be used in combination with that or on their own.

Just print and cut out the images and write your prices on the labels. You could hang a tag on each treat, or just use one per item as a sign using a place card holder stand – that would be really cute. You can view or save the PDF file to print out and create as many tags as you need for your event! Enjoy.

View the Printable

Build Your Own Cupcake – Bake Sale Stand and Flyer

cupcake bar

A great idea for a bake sale is to host a “build your own cupcake” stand where you allow participants to decorate a plain cupcake with a variety of toppings that they can choose. Not only is it fun for your guests to decorate the cupcake themselves, it’s a great time saver for a bake sale because you only need to make the desserts and you save all that time you would have spent on decorating it.

I recently participated in an event that had a cupcake decorating booth and it was a huge success. People loved the “do it yourself” approach and had fun choosing from all the toppings at the cupcake bar and customizing their own creation. Especially kids.

You can also charge more for the “experience” of allowing the participants to choose their own delicious toppings. Much like the fun of a yogurt shop or candy store, you provide the plain vanilla, chocolate, or other common cupcake flavors as the base, and let people choose their frosting flavor and up to 3 toppings. You could also set a price for additional toppings or a max cost for someone who wants unlimited toppings.

Make sure you provide plenty of scoops, spoons and knives so lots of people can decorate all at once. You will want to serve cupcakes on plates so that there is something to catch toppings that don’t adhear to the icing so they don’t fall on the ground or make a mess on your table.

Here is a list of some possible toppings:

  • Candy including M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces or Peanut butter cups, Jelly Beans
  • Chocolate Chips or White Chocolate Chips
  • Toasted Coconut
  • Pretzel pieces or Chocolate covered mini pretzels
  • Rainbow or Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Teddy Grahams or Graham Crackers
  • Assortment of nuts including Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts or Almonds
  • Oreo cookies
  • Mini Marshmallows

Frosting, icing or toppings could include:

  • Vanilla or Chocolate frosting
  • Powdered Sugar icing
  • Whip Cream
  • Chocolate, Caramel or Butterscotch sauce
  • Peanut Butter frosting
  • Marshmallow Fluff
  • Fruit toppings such as Strawberry or Blueberry

I’ve designed a free cupcake themed bake sale flyer template that can be used for this type of event or any type of bake sale you are holding. It could also double as a cupcake decorating party invitation too! Just change the text to say whatever you need it to.

build your own cupcake

Download the Microsoft Word Document file to make your own cute flyer for your event!


Valentine’s Day Flyer Template

free valentines day flyer template

A free customizable Valentine’s Day Flyer Template that can be used if hosting a bake sale event in February. The design features a large pink heart and is a pretty way to advertise your fundraiser. It is a great idea to plan events around holidays because people love holiday themed desserts. You can top cakes and cupcakes with candy hearts and use pink or red icing. Write XOXO or other sayings on baked goods. Make heart shape cut out cookies. I also think people are more likely to buy holiday themed items because if it’s close enough to February 14th, they can use the sweets as a gift for their sweetheart.

Holidays are also great times to use order forms and allow people to order items directly instead of selling your goodies at a specific date and time. That way people can order items as gifts in advance and they can be delivered on the holiday.

The flyer template is in Microsoft Word format and completely editable. You can change the text, fonts, colors and add images to suit your needs.

Download the file

Free 4×6 Recipe Card Template

Free 4x6 Recipe Card Template

This is a free template for a 4×6 recipe card in Microsoft Word document format. You can type information directly onto the card and then print onto 4×6 photo paper or blank index card stock. If you would prefer to write out your instructions, then just print them blank. Set printer to “borderless” so you don’t get a white edge.

The card is for all those pink lovers using a diagonal stripe background and dashed line area to type out your directions. You could add your own clip art or pictures to make them more fun too.

Template download