Bake Sale Tips

What kind of items sell well at a bake sale? I remember loving the rice crispy treats when I was little, because my mom never made them and they were so marshmallowy and delicious.

I think items of individual portions sell the best and easiest. Such as one brownie, cookie, cupcake or fruit bar. A person doesn’t want to be forced to eat their treat right there and then and the in-portability of cakes or pies makes them difficult to take with you. Something you can grab and go is the best idea. Als,o keep up with the baking trends. Cake pops are all the rage (Starbucks sells them now) and there are tons of recipes online and I even saw a cake pop making pan or small appliance the last time I was at bed bath and beyond. Cupcakes are another popular thing right now, with all the cupcake shops springing up.

If a contributor wants to make something like a cake, don’t stop them, but ask that they divide it into individual slices and wrap them so it makes it easier to sell and carry away.

bake sale tips

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