School Bake Sale Photo

school bake saleDress up your school bake sale this year with this free image. A muffin sits atop a stack of books in this free photo that you can use without restrictions in personal and commercial projects. If your school is currently planning a bake sale, this is a free photo that you can use to create promotional materials including flyers.

A bake sale is a fundraising event that everyone can contribute something to. The best things to bring to a bake sale are portable items that won’t make a mess. If you are raising money for a school sports team, use the school colors to decorate your goodies to evoke more team spirit. You can do this with icing colors or sprinkles, or a little food coloring added to a light mix. If your school has nutrition guidelines and you are only allowed healthy treats, thing about selling muffins, fruit bars, or scones. Depending on your state guidelines, you may need to aquire a permit or approval to hold a bake sale fundraiser.

Free Full Sized Image:

free school bake sale photo


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